Zoommy 3.2

Helps you find awesome free stock photos for your product

More than 130 000 photos licensed under Creative Commons Zero & Public Domain from 50 sources

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2 Reviews2.5/5
I have reviewed before, but it's amazing. A must have in any content creator's toolbelt. Congrats on the PH launch.
@oscargemorrison thank you for the good review πŸ‘I read a few weeks ago
@artem_nosenko Wow, this is awesome! Can't believe I've been searching through a couple of these sites manually for so long. Keep up the great work!
@artem_nosenko Just wanted to check back in to say I bought it and it's incredible. The Aspect Ratio filter is brilliant. Such a time saver!
Curious. Why is it not a web app instead?
@iamtravjohnson one of the reasons: there are no browser javascript APIs to download a file to the certain folder/ create folder /copy image to clipboard.
@furyz @iamtravjohnson I didn't see an option to download to a specific folder on the Mac version.
Wow. Nice product. Loving the demo page!
thank you, @steerj92 for your kind words
This is my first experience with Zoommy, but I'm already impressed. Fantastic resource, @artem_nosenko and @furyz. Well done.
@coryadair thank you 😊