Zoommy 2.0

More than 11K photos licensed under Creative Commons Zero

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Basically, this app costs $4 for the convenience of accessing/searching tons of royalty free photos. Funny/not-funny how disposable content is these days, compared with apps that make that content more accessible/findable/packaged up.
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@chrismessina Wow this is a gem! Definitely worth the one time fee ๐Ÿ‘Œ
@chrismessina I can see this being extremely useful. But how often is the library updated? (I was trying to look for their blog/roadmap, but couldn't find it.)
@charlessamuel_ v1.0 was released 8 months ago, so development at least seems active!
@charlessamuel_ @chrismessina library is updated every 6-9 hours, but most of sources is updated weekly
@chrismessina Great, thanks for the hint!
I loved the idea when they launched, but the app wasn't there yet (slow search etc.) But 2.0 is fantastic! If like myself, you had it on the back-burner since its initial release - give it another shot. Very impressed. Great job guys.
Took me a while to figure out why the price was 5.84. The default for the system was CAD not USD. But it's a nice tool. Out of curiosity, why charge instead of ad supported version? I think both would work great here. I would prefer a trail (ad supported or not) before deciding to be a premium subscriber.
I work on Mac and Windows, If I buy one version of the app I can use the app on other platform too?
@speedyroby yes, but there is limitation: 2 desktop devices (any platform) per account
Such a handy application to have, well done!