Zoomifier Lead Incubator

Reduces cost of lead capture for Google AdWords

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I still don't get :-/
@_pascalandy Hi Pascal: Zoomifier Lead Incubator helps you engage the website visitors and convinces them to provide their contact information so that you could further nurture them into qualified sales opportunity. Does this make sense? Happy to discuss further offsite.
@chetansaiya I'm asking as I'm running a SaaS and don't understand the product. You video shows the high level benefit but I don't understand how it works. Just trying to help you clarify your proposition :) Cheers!
@_pascalandy Thanks for the feedback. I will upload a video showing how Zoomifier works as soon as possible. In the interim, there is more detailed information at http://www.zoomifier.com/lead-nu...
Hi Everyone, we are trying to change the way businesses engage with their customers. By enabling customers to personalize their own journey, we believe that they engage willingly. We built a comprehensive platform for customer engagement and have rolled out our first product - Zoomifier Lead Incubator. The product enables you to configure content recommendation bots that guide your website visitors through personalized journey. The action bots capture their lead information at appropriate time. We track their consumption of content and deliver extremely insightful analytics. It will take you less than an hour to get started and within a day you will be pleased with the insights you will start receiving on your dashboard. Please give this a try. There is a 30-day free trial.