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Love this. We often use plain text emails to follow up with material and recap convos. Do you plan to track conversions to learn if interactive web pages are more effective for delivering sales material vs. say, PDFs over email?
Founder here, thanks for commenting! @destroysultan It's already much more effective to deliver your content in a web page because you CAN track it for every given prospect and opportunity (even if you can't currently look at, for example, pipeline reports). That is to say, if you just send an email with text and a PDF, you have no idea what your prospect does with that. Did they forward it? Did they look at the PDF? Which parts? Can you validate that they're engaging with the content that they told you is motivating them? Who else on their team sees it and what is motivating others on their team? That's all stuff we can help you discover by virtue of having that content live digitally and be packaged together. With that said, it's definitely on the roadmap and we're really excited to connect with your CRM so that you can pull reports on the relationship of content to closed sales and vice versa.
Great. We use DocSend to track engagement on collateral, but it feels clunky compared to this UI. Your copy says Zoomforth can tell who in an org is interacting with the content. How do you get this info?
@bholber Basically the same way DocSend does. As a sales rep sending a page, you can optionally require the viewer to enter their name and/or email so that, as your collateral gets pushed through an organization, you know who is looking at it. And re: DocSend, we're big fans of theirs; Zoomforth is just a fundamentally different way of communicating with your prospects. Rather than sending a powerpoint or PDF or single video (or even a set of those documents in a bucket/folder), your marketing team can very easily create a highly customized story with all that content - in short, you can create context out of disparate types of content, and prioritize the most critical info for your prospects.
Been watching this product develop for a while. For B2B enterprise sales people, this is a really unique offering that solves a real pain point around delivering the right sales material to potential buyers.
Sounds like a very cool product for our sales and marketing teams! Signed up for a demo, but can you share how pricing typically works?
@julian_martinez thanks for the comment! It's basically a site license + per seat model, with different tiers corresponding to features and company size. We'll look forward to chatting with you!
Nice job Zoomforth team!
@pakhzar Thank you Phillip!