Algorithmic newsletter surfacing hyper-growth startups πŸš€

ZoomCo is built on proprietary technology to identify the world's fastest growing companies. We continuously comb the internet for new companies and signals on those companies. Through a combination of statistical and learning techniques, we surface the .001% that are most interesting to investors, job seekers, reporters, sales reps, and others.

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Hi All, First side project launch of 2018! It's been crazy to see almost 100% email open rates with my beta users. I've been fascinated by startups since I was a little kid and have always been eager to discover the startups that are actually working and growing quickly. ZoomCo scratches the heck out of that itch. Over the past couple months of beta testing, I've stumbled upon a host of use cases that people are checking ZoomCo out for everyday: - Startup geeks like myself feeding their intellectual curiosity - Investors wanting to find the next big thing and see what their competitors are funding - Friends looking for jobs trying to find the most successful companies in industries they're excited about - Sales reps trying to find new accounts to target in their territory - Entrepreneurs researching on other companies competing for their customers - Operators diligencing on software vendors they are working with or considering working with Overall, it's been really exciting to see people checking out the product and finding value in different ways. Would love to hear your feedback and directions you think the product could go! Thanks, Rahul
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Great job!! Will surely try it out 😊
Go to Angellist, it is full of startups :)