Platform for managing cloud servers and apps

ZoomAdmin is cloud based control panel for managing servers and apps. It replaces legacy panels and combines with server configuration and monitoring features.
We're going to support all modern tech stacks for your custom apps as well as off-the-shelf apps.
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Hey guys, After close to 2 years of dev work on ZoomAdmin, we’re finally launching on PH :) ZoomAdmin helps with managing your cloud servers and apps, all in one place. It’s cloud based multi-server control panel, hence you’re able to see/manage all servers in one place. In this version, you can connect one or more servers, install/configure LAMP stack, create/manage unlimited websites and Mysql databases, apply free SSL to your websites and a lot more to come. While cloud server pricing has dropped significantly, I was really frustrated for not having modern tools to manage servers and modern apps without spending $$$. Legacy control panels such as cPanel are really outdated and don’t support a lot of the new tech. So I made it my mission to build the new modern panel to be able to do a lot more on your servers and host any kind of app easily and it's cloud based, so no long installation processes. Checkout the Feature list on our site and what’s coming. We’re giving a very special Lifetime 30% discount and extended 15 day Trial to all PH users for the next month. Offer Link: https://zoomadmin.com/?offer=Pro... We welcome any feedback or suggestions.
how about your support?
@murali_selvaraj1 let me know how I can help, thanks.
i seen your demo , seems good, but want to know about your support?
@murali_selvaraj1 Hello Murali, I'd be glad to share my experience with ZoomAdmin support over the past year if that would be helpful. I have been using them since 2018 and have found them very responsive. Replies often coming within minutes. My requests varied from asking for guidance on how to do something specific all the way to minor bug reports that were promptly taken care of.