Zoom Q8

Quality 4-channel audio + HD video recorder for creators

So I just found out about this, we've considered launching a video version of thepitch.fm but it seemed prohibitive to tie the video and audio together at a later time. This changes things for me! It records 4-channels of audio + quality video so it should make producing audio and video versions of the same show more feasable. Can't wait to hear from others who are already using the Zoom Q8!
Here's a good demo I found of it:
Looks cool, video quality seems on par with a mid-tier action camera.
I've been using Zoom's audio products for years, they are top notch. My understanding about their video products is that the video portion is 'fine', but the microsoohines and recording capabilities is just as good as their portable microphones. So if you are recording something where sound is more important than video, but you want pretty good video too, this looks like a great option!
If this doubled as a webcam it would be amazing. Love Zoom products :)
@scottwyden it does!! And if you are running a mic simultaneously it also sends USB audio.
@joshmuccio interesting. How's the video quality when compared to the top webcams or even a built in Apple iSight?