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Chikodi ChimaHunter@chikodi · Mission Control // Moonshot
Ever wished you didn't have to wait in line to get into the best parties? Now you can hire a dialed-in fixer in London to help you navigate the nightlife like a pro.
Richard Walker-SmithMaker@richardsmith · Founder/CEO - Zoola Fix
@Chikodi Hey Chikodi, this is a great little summary :) Thanks so much for posting Zoola Fix on here. Are you much of a party person yourself?
Chikodi ChimaHunter@chikodi · Mission Control // Moonshot
@richardsmith In a past life I was a live music promoter ;0) Some of my friends are still in entertainment industry. If. I'm not with them it's rare to go out. Being listed makes all the difference in the world.
Richard Walker-SmithMaker@richardsmith · Founder/CEO - Zoola Fix
@Chikodi Neat - I had a stab at live music promotion for a brief period but it ended up leading to DJ focussed events....which then in turn lead to Zoola Fix so maybe it was a blessing in disguise that the live music didn't take off for me! If you're ever in London you'll have to dust off the dancing shoes for a night out on the town!
Ian Mooney@ianmooney · Web Developer
Was awesome being part of this project. Traction so far has been really strong - can't wait to see where it all leads. What features and cities do you guys think should be next?
Cllr Denise Hyland@cllrdhyland
@ianmooney I think as it scales to include more Fixers, an important feature to focus on would be more advance search functionality - I'm sure you're already on to this though. As for cities I'd say Miami, Vegas, LA and Berlin would be obvious progressions. Good lucks guys!
Kevin Yu@misteryu1029 · Avant/ReadyForZero
@ianmooney @cllrdhyland Miami would be a pain in the ASS! Same with Vegas and LA. If I'm an ugly dude or girl with a "fixer" to get me in the club, they'll take one look at me and say, "Sorry buddy, you're not getting in."
LekanB@lekanb · Founder @ FlexSpace.io
I think this could work well. I'm in Miami Beach right now on vacay. Looking at all the folks standing outside clubs each night... there is definitely a market. It feels like a natural extension to bottle service, vip tables, etc... It feels like scaling this will be the challenge. The magic of most marketplaces like AirBnB and Uber is they take something formerly exclusive and make it widely accessible by growing the market. If this service works at scale... it feels like the venues become the final losers. Feels like it could be a Groupon style business. Looks great to start, but later turns into a burden for venue owners. It would be great to hear from the makers on their early experience in London and NYC.
Richard Walker-SmithMaker@richardsmith · Founder/CEO - Zoola Fix
@lekanb Hey! Thanks for your thoughts, you’ve raised some interested points here. It’s worth noting that although some guests may use the service to secure entry into “exclusive” venues, we want to (and do) have Fixers representing all kinds of nightlife. Your issue re being a burden on venues will therefore not be relevant to a large number of our bookings. For the bookings that do revolve around exclusive venues, it’s worth bearing in mind that venues have the last word on who they let in. Merchants who suffered from Groupon deals had contractual agreements to serve Groupon’s customers. Neither Zoola Fix nor any of the Fixers have contractual agreements with venues. Besides, with tens of millions of people spread across hundreds of thousands of venues every week, we could still reach huge scale and build a very successful business without making much of an impact on any one venue. Anyway, who’s to say our users won’t be the kind that venues will be delighted to welcome ;) We only launched last week though so there’s a long way to go yet! Would be great to hear your thoughts. Richard
Richard Walker-SmithMaker@richardsmith · Founder/CEO - Zoola Fix
Hey guys, I'm the Founder/CEO of Zoola Fix. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the product and I'll be happy to offer more insight.
Kevin Yu@misteryu1029 · Avant/ReadyForZero
So what happens when the fixer can't get someone into a venue? There could be some nights where it's a ticket only event. No one has ever really nailed down the nightlife market. Even WillCall wasn't doing that hot and eventually got acqui-hired. I could see some of the dangers in this...I wonder how many creepy guys sign up as a fixer to meet girls and "take them out".