Candy Crush duels, for hardcore gamers.

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Hello guys, This game is quite old, but I never understood how did my close circles never got into this one. It came ages before candy crush. The goal is to win attack or defense points by doing lines. After a 30 seconds round, the action stops and the battle begins. It is catchy as hell. If you ever played Candy Crush thinking "I miss the sparkle and the excitment", this is the game you need.
@raphbonstein agreed, this game keeps people going for over 4-5 years now! They always come up with new modes, character skins and rewards. And the fact that user meets random people online is one of the best stimulus to play!
This game had been released for Nintendo DS consoles in 2003. Then, in 2011, it was published for mobile (iOS and Android) with addition of online vs mode. One of the best of its puzzle kind in design and acceptance by the audience, taking its roots from Meteos, and other early alternatives of Tetris.