3D printed shower heads for the wild at heart 💦

Zooheads designs and sells wild showerheads made with 3D printing and eco-friendly materials.

All Zooheads are made on-demand in Brooklyn, NY and will fit any US shower pipe and can be easily installed.

10% of profits are donated to the Wold Wildlife Foundation to support their mission to conserve nature on Earth.

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Hi Product Hunt! Excited to introduce Zooheads to you all today. I designed the original T-Rex Skull showerhead and posted it to Thingiverse (https://www.thingiverse.com/thin...) almost 4 years ago. Since then, I've been amazed by how much people are into it, and so I've always wanted to see how far I could push the idea. Enter Zooheads! The other side to this is that all Zooheads are 3D printed on-demand by Voodoo Manufacturing and shipped right to you. We don't hold any inventory or produce any more than we need - aka just-in-time manufacturing! Hope you're into it, and happy to answer any questions!
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@jmschwartz11 These could be epic installation at water parks, zoo fountains, and kiddie pools etc. Making playing outside safe and fun :)
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@jmschwartz11 @m2franz Good point Maggie - so many possibilities. Great product @Jonathan!
@jmschwartz11 great masterpiece does it work on any shower stand?
This is funny 👍
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I actually own one of each, but the T-Rex, Dragon, and elephant are my favorites. They’re a great way to wake up in the morning, and I hope this gets some serious interest so we can design more!


much wild, extra friendly, great water pressure


Need more designs!

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Haha this is great!
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I could see having fun with this as an adult, but also my nieces and cousins who are graduating from baths to showers also really getting a kick out of it!
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