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Zonka Feedback, is a Customer and Employee Feedback platform that we've now rebooted and relaunched as Zonka Customer Experience (CX) Platform with more powerful feedback capabilities and robust, actionable reporting to create world-class employee and customer experiences.
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Hello to the PH Community 🖐❤️ I’m Sonika, Product Director & Co-Founder at Zonka Employee & Customer Experience Management Platform. Feels great to be posting here finally! Thanks a lot @Kevin for Hunting us 😊 @rajivmehta (Founder) and I built Zonka about 5 years ago and during this journey we’ve had the honor of working with some amazing brands globally! 🤩 We built Zonka with one focus — to help businesses transform customer, employee and patient experiences. We do this by providing a platform where businesses can capture feedback at every touchpoint, wherever the audience might be —while measuring all the right CX Metrics (NPS, CES, CSAT), getting real-time reports and enabling action on the feedback received to reduce churn and grow the business. Around 12 months back, we decided it’s time to enhance the product to further transform and empower companies to measure experiences and use insights like never before. 🚀 Here’s presenting all that’s good and swanky in the latest version of Zonka — 📢 Hear the voice of every Customer, Employe, and Patient ⭐ Measure the important CX Metrics with ease — Net Promoter Score®, Customer Effort Score, Customer Satisfaction Score 👩‍💻 Reach your audience, employees and customers wherever they are — On-Premises with iPads, Tablets, Kiosks, and Mobile Forms. Online (and remotely) with Email Surveys, SMS Surveys, Web Surveys, Links and QR codes 📈 Get (Real-time) Amazing Analytics — Measuring Feedback is great. Now see them in the right perspective with insightful Reports. The reporting suite at Zonka has been expanded to give some amazing analytics including Quick Overview, Detailed Insights, Trends over a period of time, Word Cloud & Analysis based on Comments, Location Comparisons and so much more. 🔁 Close the Feedback Loop — Taking feedback and looking at reports isn’t enough for a business to grow. It’s important to take action to make a difference. Zonka enables you to collaborate with team, add tags to your responses, create tasks for the team and take action to Close the Feedback Loop, to prevent customer churn and to create amazing experiences. ______________ 👉 You can give it a try by signing up for a Free Trial here — https://hubs.ly/H0qSgJn0 ❤️ We’re happy to offer a 20% discount to the PH community! If at the end of your trial, you would like to subscribe with the discount, just drop us an email at hello@zonkafeedback.com and we will take care if it 😊 Would love to hear comments and feedback from the community! Thanks, Team Zonka - @rajivmehta and @sonika_zonka_feedback
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Modern user interface with lots of advanced features like distributions, SMS, Email, Web surveys, assign task to team, responses inbox, tracking of distributions and reports are very useful to analyze day to day business feedback.
@hitendraraj Thanks a bunch Hitendra :)
It gives me really immense pleasure while using this product.
@premkant_prem Gives me immense pleasure to hear that 😊 Thanks a bunch!
Excellent Product and the reports are super user friendly.
@radhika_bhama Thanks Radhika! 😊 That was a major focus for us - to enhance reporting.
Excellent product easy to use make feedback easy and hassle-free