Learn to code while having fun

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This is a really great idea and pretty well executed too. Not really suitable for complete beginners to programming, but for those with a fairly basic existing understanding it's fun, helpful and humorous in places. Great job @nayamamarshe
@steerj92 Thank you so much John! I really appreciate the feedback. I hope you enjoy the journey😊
Welcome to Zones! The most amazing journey of coding and having fun. Play as the light, don't collide with the darkness! Inspired from "Phases", play this awesome Indie Arcade Game! You are the architect of your future, be fast, be quick! Learn to code in C++ as you progress in the game, Follow the instructions written in C++! Can you reach the Zone ∞ Infinity? Game Features: ✱ Play as the light, avoid the darkness ✱ So many levels to play ✱ Fun and Action packed levels to keep you playing for hours! ✱ Real-Life Physics Mechanism ✱ Simply Hard ✱ Beautiful Graphics ✱ Complete all 6 Zones ✱ Experience the amazing journey, YOU'LL LOVE IT!