What did I do this week? A time tracker and much more.

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Lauren Holliday@laurenholliday_ · Founder,
Zone has saved my life!!
John Clover@radiofreejohn · Customer Success Lead at Heap
@laurenholliday_ What kind of action do you take based on the reports it generates? Or more generally, how has it saved your life? :)
Lauren Holliday@laurenholliday_ · Founder,
@radiofreejohn So I have a lot of trouble focusing or timing how long an activity takes me. I figured I give this a try for $5 and was shocked how much it helped me to do the two things I mentioned above. I write down the amount of time (say 30 min) I spent on something then go back check email for 5 min and then reset the clock for another 30 min. I will not do anything else during that 30 min because I can see my time dwindling at the top. It just worked. I am not sure why. (I've tried a bunch of similar tools too).
John Clover@radiofreejohn · Customer Success Lead at Heap
@laurenholliday_ Awesome. I'll try it out. They have a link for a free 30 day trial too!