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CliffNotes for the news

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by Ben Tossell (No-coder πŸ‘‰ Makerpad.co)

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Thanks a lot for the hunt! We're very grateful. Hi everybody, I'm Rush and I'm the founder at Zolt - an app that gives you 60 word summaries of the news. We built this app to make the news ridiculously easy to consume by cutting through the fluff and giving you the essence of the story. The average human's attention span is now officially 1 second shorter than a goldfish, so we figured people would enjoy bite sized curated summaries of everything that's happening around them. I'd be happy to answer any questions the community has about our product, strategy or life :)
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I love stuff like this -- much like summly - it's great to get snackable snippets instead of reading miles of text... we just want the just of the story - the crux --- not all the poetry and bs surrounding it... GET TO THE POINT -- ok too much caffeine today ... awesome product.
Looks great! I can catch up on the news in mini-breaks.
@rush_zolt awesome product. I noticed Zolt is very similar to InShorts. Do the two have anything to do with each other?
@jakemor Hi Jake, glad to hear you liked the app! We loved what inShorts is doing and were inspired by them, but are not affiliated.
I'm sorry Rush and team, but this idea isn't much different than Circa, an app that had a way more experienced founder and institutional funding. Consumers have shown time and time again they don't want a news summary app. I wish you luck, but I unfortunately predict this will hit a brick wall sooner than later.
@benparr thanks for sharing your thoughts Ben. Circa was quite popular actually, it was the high costs that killed them. We have figured out how to do this for a fraction of the cost. Time will tell :)