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Build a free website, registry & checklist for your wedding

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1 Review5.0/5
shan-lyn maceo + co-founder, zola
VERY excited.
Ryan RuckerCo-Founder, Charmer
Not in the market for a wedding(just yet) but product looks super good! :)
Sefanit TadesStrategic Partnerships
@ryankrucker Ryan TF?! lol
J.M. SaponaroEngineer @Datadog
Used it for my wedding (it's this week), and it was a perfect experience!
We used their registry last year for our wedding. We had a small registry, which it worked well enough for. Many of the gifts were just cash though, and some guests mentioned the fee is pretty steep, relative to just giving us a card with a check in it. However, it was much easier for us to not have to worry about tracking a bunch of checks the day after the wedding. All in all, a good tool for the ones getting married and one I'd recommend.
Sabrina Kipperweb, designer
As for me a useful thing. We will soon have a wedding, everything will be held in Delhi, India. For planning used a special site wedding.net, so that everything will be at its best!
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