Taking the hassle out of finding an awesome cleaning service

Zoklean brings thousands of established cleaning businesses under one booking platform and one brand. With on-demand booking, unified branding, substantial back-end cleaning business support and an emphasis on repeat business, Zoklean will provide customers with high quality cleaning services through its easy-to-use, on-demand booking platform.

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Props for letting me check availability without committing me to a four page sign up process and a newsletter. Cheers.
@shloky Thanks for the positive feedback! We actually just had the development team simplify the booking process, for a more streamline user experience!
Zoklean only sends cleaning jobs to experienced & established businesses that make it through our stringent screening process. This ensures that clients receive excellent service under our unified branding. Signing up for a home cleaning is simple through our on-demand pricing and scheduling, Our focus on recurring cleanings will lead to higher customer retention rates. Our money-back guarantee and insurance policy will entice new users to try our platform. A unique differentiating factor is our focus on corporate social responsibility. Through our partnership with water.org, Zoklean will help provide clean water to people around the world. Our partnership includes donating $1 for each cleaning that gets completed through our platform!!!