Zoho Sprints

Ship your best products with agile planning and tracking

Zoho Sprints is a Agile Project Management software to plan, track work for scrum teams. Backlog helps prioritize tasks and group it under a Sprint to be worked on in 2 to 4 week cycles.Scrum board helps view progress in columns such as ‘Todo', ’In progress’, ‘Done’.

Velocity/Burndown Charts, Epics, Timetracking. Customize of fields/views/priority.

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I like the overall completion progress bar
Thanks Neeraj for hunting Zoho Sprints! Zoho Sprints, a tool that helps agile teams plan work, track progress and ship the best products for their customers. Sprints is designed to let users stay open to change at any stage of the project life cycle, with the backlog, customisable Scrum Board, actionable insights in reports and dashboard, transparent timesheets, and meetings and feed for collaboration. Building Zoho Sprints has been an incredible journey for us, filled with plenty of learning and many unexpected twists and turns—the very things that characterize agile development. We’d love to know what you think, and let’s keep the discussion going here!
@ps15vijay What do you see the proposition as being amongst big competitors like Jira?
@ps15vijay All the best! :)
@stevendiffey , Sprints is an attempt to make more teams follow Agile without having to master Agile. We made it extremely simple to configure and get a team started on Agile within minutes. With Sprints, transforming a non-agile team to Agile becomes hassle free.
After lightly using it ( Thanks Zoho for creating a demo sample project ), Zoho Sprints comes out to be a better alternative than Atlassian Jira and surprisingly much cheaper than it. Looks like Jira free ride is over. Barring few features like Roadmap ( Its just released and so looks like they will soon include it ), it fully featured tool for product development. UI although sometimes sluggish looks more utilitarian compare to the new version of Jira. Few inquiries - 1. Is there import tool from Jira? 2. Option to pin anything like board list on top ribbon 3. Add-on facilities for developers and various important integrations 4. Maximize Kanban Board 5. Option to disable ubiquitous chat ribbon at the button. Zoho should try something different for this as vertical space is very important for users especially using with laptop
@mohan_kumar Some of them are already in contention and some are valid indeed. Check out https://www.zoho.com/sprints/blog for more updates.
Something is weird about the pricing. With 20 users, it's $20 flat per month or $1/user. With 21 users, it says "$3 per user / month". But using the "Calculate your price" popup calculator, 21 users is $1.10/user or $23 flat per month. I'm a little confused...
@faruque Yes, first 20 users come as a pack i.e. Basic plan at $20/month. For more than 20 users the price varies based on no. of users you wish to purchase. from 21 to 100 users it is $3/user/month from 101 to 200 users it is $2/user/month above 200 it is $1/user/month Here are some examples For 40 users the pricing calculation will be $20 for first 20 users $3 x 20 = $60 for next 20 users In all $80 per month for 40 users For 120 users the pricing calculation will be $20 for first 20 users $3 x 80 = $240 for next 80 users $2 x 20 = $40 for next 20 users In all $300 per month for 120 users So the per user pricing becomes lower as no.of users in your Sprints portal increases. Hope this clarifies. Vijay
I'll have our team check this out. We have used a variety of solutions (JIRA) and currently use Yodiz. We gave up on Jira because it was too clunky. The inability to associate images with comments was a deal breaker. - we need the ability to take screenshots and add directly to an issue or create an issue. The ability to markup the screen grab is important. - Mobile capability: Add/manage issues - Approvals - See EPIC > User Stories > Issues and see by sprint. Yodiz is very good at functionality but requires a lot of clicks and picks. I'd love to chat to learn more.
@resh Yes, Zoho Sprints is available in iOS (iPad & iPhone) and Android. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/... https://play.google.com/store/ap... Some of the other requirements are in contention. Checkout https://www.zoho.com/sprints/blog for more updates.
@ps15vijay I didn’t see options to attach images. It is critical for us to attach images, especially images to comments. Am I missing something?
@resh Attaching image(s) option is available both in add Work Item form as well as add comment. For more details, please check this page. https://help.zoho.com/portal/kb/... BTW, Screengrabber option will be supported soon. Vijay