Zoho Social for Agencies

A single platform serving all your clients

Zoho Social for Agencies caters to the needs of digital agencies managing social media for multiple brands. This special edition enables agency members to work together as a team, while keeping their clients in the loop and enforcing the agency branding on the product.

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8 Reviews5.0/5

I referred Zoho Social for agencies to a social media marketing contact in Canada. She loved it so much she changed from using Sendible.


Very easy to use and set up. Addictive UI. Brilliant automation.



Thanks, Jason. Glad to hear you love the UI and automation :)
I’ve been looking for a new social media managing service since Hootsuite is just not great overall. This price point for agencies is great! Going to try it out with my team!
@ryan_haft Hey, Ryan! Thank you. Glad to hear that. Let us know how your experience goes. :)
Zoho Social has really received a lot of updates lately and I am very happy for that. Zoho pricing is also startup friendly and carries all the necessary bells and whistles. I also like Zoho Chrome extension which as a small team helps to manage rich social resources. Having said that, video post and youtube support are very much needed. There is a wide scope to incorporate AI and improve analytics.
@mohan_kumar Thank you, Mohan. We've been working with several agencies over the last couple of years, and with this new edition built specially for agencies, we're excited to work with more of them! We've sets the bar high for ourselves! Support for video is coming up soon. What else? Smarter reports, better collaboration, and more. I'll save the surprises for later. ;)
@praval OMG!!! Sorry! sorry! nothing else because I know Zoho is working on it. ;)
Thanks for hunting us, Kevin. Appreciate that!