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Update: Zoho Social now supports direct publishing on Instagram!

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Hey everyone - Zoho Social is a social media marketing / management software for growing businesses. It allows businesses to grow their social media presence across popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and now Instagram! We did a soft launch last year, and today we're excited to announce support for Instagram on Zoho Social. While Instagram API doesn't allow you to publish content (yet), you can do some interesting stuff with Zoho Social. Here's a short list: - [Update: 6th October 2016] Schedule and publish posts on Instagram. - See the kind of engagement you get on your posts - likes & comments. Reply to people who engage with your brand on Instagram. - Sort your connections based on recency or the number of times they have engaged with your brand on Instagram. Find your influencers. ;) - Track hashtags - Instagram has way too many of them! - Create insightful reports for your Instagram accounts - Add multiple Instagram accounts as separate brands - Collaborate and discuss Instagram ideas, reports, influencers and more within Zoho Social Zoho Social comes packed with a bunch of exciting features like — Smart Scheduling, Repeat Post, Bulk Scheduling, Collaboration, and interesting visual Reports. There are mobile apps for your smartphones, Chrome & Firefox plugins for your browsers, and a lot more! Did I say that we don't ask for your credit card to try Zoho Social? And that there's a forever free plan too. ;) We're excited about this release and we'd love to see how you like the product. Try it today! I'll be glad to answer your questions. - Praval
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@praval What's the estimated timeframe to add Pinterest in as a supported network? It seems like one of the only barriers to moving away from Buffer.
@davidj Hey, David — we're at it!
@praval Is there any way to have the 30 day trial include keywords? I'd love to do a direct comparison against Sprout and see if it can't take over both Sprout and Buffer.
@davidj Yes of course! Our 15-day free trials have everything that the plan offers you, including keyword searches. Try it out. :)
Love Zoho. Can't wait to try Zoho Social @praval
@veasnaonn Thanks, Veasna! Look forward to having you as a customer.
I absolutely love when I get excited about new tools, and I'm definitely excited about Zoho Social. The team is on the right track with the things that matter most to me and mine - 1) Clutter-free workspace for managing multiple clients and their different accounts 2) In-depth reporting without nickle and diming for the important metrics (looking at you HootSuite) 3) Intuitive social listening that allows for quick response without 5 different popups and keyboard shortcuts To get a combination of all three, we've been using SproutSocial + HootSuite +Tweetdeck + Facebook Business Manager, which we settled on after trying an exhaustive list of tools (CoSchedule, Buffer, Edgar, etc). I just signed up to try AgoraPulse; it's been such a headache. I've already resigned to the fact that one tool can't do it all, but here you guys go proving me wrong! I'm looking forward to demoing this and really getting some quality time in, and hopefully eventually becoming a customer. Thank you guys!
We just pushed another update to this feature - Users can now schedule posts on Instagram! https://www.zoho.com/social/blog...
Are there any plans to repurpose long form blog content into other social media posts?