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Zoho Sheet has now introduced a first-of-its-kind data cleaning tool that helps eliminate data duplicates, inconsistencies, and missing values.
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Thank you for hunting the all-new version of Zoho Sheet—Sheet 5 @kevin. Zoho Sheet is a powerful spreadsheet application that allows real-time collaboration and an array of basic and advanced spreadsheet features. With this new version, Zoho Sheet brings in artificial intelligence for data cleaning & data analysis in spreadsheets, and offers deep integration capabilities. Here are the highlights of Sheet 5: - Insights by Zia: Get complete insights in to your data with Zia, your personal data assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence. Drag & drop charts and pivot tables recommended by Zia and create reports in seconds. Ask all your data-related questions in plain English and get instant answers, both on the web and mobile apps. - Data Cleaning: You can now get rid of inconsistent data and duplicate rows, or fill in the missing values, in a single click, irrespective of how large your data is. - Custom Functions: Apart from the 350+ pre-built functions Zoho Sheet now supports custom or user-defined functions that allow you to create personalized functions, using Deluge—the programming language for non-programmers. You can also bring in data from other Zoho apps such as CRM, Books, Mail, etc., or from external sources using APIs. - New Visualization Tools: Sparklines, the in-cell graphs, allow you to analyze data patterns or trends alongside the actual data inside the sheet. Additionally, Zoho Sheet also adds Histogram, Pareto, Wordcloud, and chart series aggregation to its chart family. - Zapier & Zoho Flow Integrations: Create automated workflows between Zoho Sheet and thousands and hundreds of applications via Zapier and Zoho Flow, respectively. What else? - Import and move files between Zoho Sheet and other cloud drives like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box, directly. - Customize borders with color and line style options. - Work with multiple discontinuous cells/ranges using Cmd (Ctrl for Windows) key. - Zoom in/out of your spreadsheets. - Choose your grid spacing to improve readability of your spreadsheet. - Hide desired rows/columns/sheets. - Drag and drop columns in a jiffy to reorder them. - Apart from web links and email ids, now add interactive phone numbers into your spreadsheet. - New contextual paste/fill options We've also rebuilt the application from scratch with a whole new user interface and it should feel more snappy now. Do try it out and let us know what you think about Sheet 5. :) https://www.zoho.com/sheet/ Zoho Sheet 5 is part of the Zoho Office Suite. https://www.zoho.com/office/
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@kevin @sripathyramesh WoW, Zoho always amazes me. I liked the API and Integration part. I have plans to integrate Zoho Sheet with Bybrand Departments, to make uploading of employee signatures easier.
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Looks great guys! Loved those list of Integration good luck
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@iamarnob Thank you, Arnob!
Is there any plan of having desktop version of Zoho office suite in near term?
@mohan_kumar Writer currently has a mac version, and Notebook has a desktop version available. We're also looking into the possibilities of bringing desktop versions of the other editors in the future.