Zoho Projects

A tool to help you manage projects successfully

Zoho Projects, a complete project management software helping teams of all sizes to plan, track & bring projects to completion. Has customization options like fields, statuses, roles & permissions. Supports Task Dependencies, Timesheet & Gantt Charts. Task workflow automation using Blueprint.Key features Critical Path, Project Baseline, Budgeting.

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Zoho is begging for a rebrand / refresh. I love the product offering but the logo to me always looks so dated.
@alexgrundy I'm glad that you love the product offering. Giving a new look to the logo is underway. Stay tuned!
Basecamp + Wrike + Asana = Zoho Project. Zoho projects is just awesome and is what i believe best project management application in market. Some feedback - First of all - Time, dependencies and reassignment can further be improved. Agile features also have a lot of scope for improvement. Also its needs to do more in order to better fit for other verticals apart from IT and software industries. Second chat ribbon at the button should be adjusted somewhere else as vertical space is already scared in desktops. User needs to have more data view for better visualisation. Third some more themes and compact mode will definitely be welcomed. Last and obvious more integration needed.
Thanks Neeraj for hunting Zoho Projects 6! Zoho Projects is a time-tested, comprehensive project management tool with features like Issue tracking, Timesheets, Task management, and Workflows. It is now used by more than a million businesses worldwide. As we grew, we realized that the project management needs of companies vary so much so that one solution cannot dream to fit them all. So, almost a year ago, we charted course towards extensive customization abilities which will make work easier for teams of varied nature. Here we are, at the first milestone in this journey, with the version of the product that is amenable to your distinct needs. We want your feedback and would love to keep the discussion going here!
@ps15vijay All the best! ๐Ÿ˜Š

love the product, it is simple and easy to use


its simple to use


not being able to cc an email alias

Very expensive, In fact, a free plan is one project and it's impossible to work with it, paying $ 25 for 20 projects? It seems too expensive to me ...




Very expensive

Please try Zoho One then. Pricing is just awesome.