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Thank you, @_jacksmith, for hunting down our new App! https://www.zoho.com/mail/admin-... The new Zoho Mail Admin app gives business email administrators the freedom to manage organization wide email policies from their smartphones. We understand how demanding an email admin’s job can be. The hours are almost never ending, and you need to weather a constant barrage of requests. The burden is multiplied when your organization has a huge workforce, and/or is distributed across geographies and time zones. Business could come to a virtual standstill if email stops functioning even for ten minutes. That’s how long it takes you to grab a cup of coffee! Now, Zoho Mail admins need no longer wait to reach office to get cracking. Just pull out your smartphone, fire up the Zoho Mail Admin app and voila – you are wearing the admin hat again, effecting email policy changes. Wherever you are, whenever you want to. In less time than it takes to grab a cup of coffee. Swag. With Great Power, Assign Greater Responsibility… Promote group members to admins if you want, and then some. With the Zoho Mail Admin app, you get - User Management: change user roles - Group Management: add/remove members - Password Reset: (duh!) - Storage Management: manage storage allocated to individual inboxes - Mail Moderation: monitor email contents before it’s sent to sensitive recipients. ...and there’s plenty more where that came from… The Admin app is empowerment. It enables you to discharge your responsibilities more effectively, even while affording greater convenience. So if you are The Chosen One aka a Zoho Mail admin, download the Zoho Mail Admin app.The one app to rule them all. Download it now! P.S Coming soon: Assigning aliases, configuring email forwarding, and more. Watch this space for details!
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Totally loved it!