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ZOE is a small network for our freelance friends and folks that super talented, but don't want the hassle of looking for new interesting clients or dealing with painful clients. If you're a designer or front end developer - apply here and we'll be in touch https://zoe88.typeform.com/to/Xh...
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@williamchanner And...another one! You guys are killing it. We're looking for some front end developers. Will give it a shot.
@robjama Thanks man! Look forward to seeing what we can do for you :)
This is an awesome platform for finding the talent that I needed for multiple startups (I was lucky enough to have had access to the platform early on for testing). Zoe made it easy for me to source and hire talent.
Looks awesome, great job once again @williamchanner @ahmetsulek and team!
I do appreciate a freelance platform that would handle the business side of matters. That's where most people (be they freelancers or creative types) stumble; they'd rather do the thing they enjoy than the business side of it. That said: I do find myself a bit concerned about the name.
How do you differentiate from similar platforms (such as TopTal and Crew)? Do you focus on getting the contractors to join the team on-site or is the platform open to individuals who work remotely? Are you similar to other platforms where you let the designers and developers focus on the actual work and your team takes care of the legal bits and billing?
@philipamour Great question! Once you become a ZOE Designer the interview process is pretty simple. Our projects will range from corporate to startups but can suit to your personal preference also. We have opportunities for remote and on-site. What we never mismatch is your contract rate. We will also take care of all billings and legal allowing you to concentrate on the project in hand. From speaking to some super talented designer's we found it wasn't the finding the contracts the hard part but also the time management. ZOE aims to help this by providing you with realistic estimates so you fully understand what you can commit to before starting a project. Our aspiration is for ZOE to become a community and platform of the most talented designers so that eventually you would be proud to call yourself a ZOE Designer :). Iv sent you a dm and keen to hear your thoughts on how we can be better.
@mvarls Thank you for the clarification, Michael! Sounds great! A lot of top-notch freelancers struggle to find good leads in the today's oversaturated market that dominated by upwork and similar where the client expectations are unrealistic and you have to compete with other freelancers with much lesser experience and lesser rate – which may be more attractive for most of the clients that are on lower budget. Unfortunately a lot of the clients don't understand that in the end - the quality of the work suffers substantially. I have received your email and replied with my details.
@mvarls @philipamour Can you go over a little bit how the platform works and feels on the other end, when you're looking for a designer or engineer?
@Acelr8 Just found and applied. How much % do you charge the clients for your legal and billings?