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Originally developed as a tool to help decode the infamous 340-character Zodiac cryptogram (unsolved to this day), Zodiac Crypt is now much more that that - it is an app where you can solve ciphers created by other people and add your own cryptograms for others to solve.



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Patrick Larkin@patrick_larkin · Android developer, Collegeville studios
This is awesome
Dmitry AkishinMaker@dmitryakishin · Freelance Android Developer
Greetings, fellow Hunters! Originally developed as a tool to help decrypt the infamous 340-character Zodiac Killer cryptogram, now Zodiac Crypt is an app for solving ciphers created by other people and creating your own ciphers. Zodiac Crypt provides following features to ensure you have a good time solving ciphers, including: - an easy-to-use symbol substitution; - a bookmark system that allows you to remember promising decoding steps; - a feature to search for words; - the CipherBoard where you can see and import ciphers created by other people; - solution checking; - a cipher generator for you to create and upload your own ciphers. Earn points by solving and creating ciphers and become the best solver!
Dmitry AkishinMaker@dmitryakishin · Freelance Android Developer
Update! Now you have some additional options when creating a cipher, to give you more creative freedom. With new update, you can: - specify opened letters, i.e. letters that will be visible in the generated cryptogram; - show spaces between words to make them visually separated from one another in the cryptogram. There are also some other improvements, including: - an option to resize the cipher you're working on; - notifications; - better optimization; - minor changes in design.
Hristijan Veleski@hristijan_veleski · Android Game Developer
Nice game :) try mine if u like https://www.producthunt.com/post...