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Zodiac has been synonym of holidays for me when I was a kid, I'd go out fishing with my grand pa and spend hours on the sea on our old and comfy Zodiac. Great to see they keep innovating with solutions like that. Most car makers aren't as advanced in the way they showcase their products.
@albn thanks for the comments Alban! Great to use your tech
I've already begun putting together my dream boat. Super cool use of the Sketchfab API. Very well done!
Is it extremely difficult to do something like this? @promotionsny
@nicolashitz While I can't speak to the dev efforts involved in this specific project, the Sketchfab API is actually very friendly and has great documentation. You can learn more here: https://sketchfab.com/developers If you plan on working with the API to build something cool, feel free to contact us at any point int he process and we will support in any way we can! Good luck Nicolas :)
@nicolashitz @promotionsny I'm the project manager and responsible for the 3D content in the configurator and the connection to the Sketchfab API. Technically, it's not complex to build a configurator like this. It's basically a regular website with fancy content. Getting the content right took the most time: there are fairly complex 3D models, 5 different languages and three currencies. Phillip mentions the Sketchfab API is easy to use, and that's true.
@klaasnienhuis @albn We (Three students from switzerland) will launch a configurable pen this november. (Crowdfunding). If we reach our goals we will use the Sketchfab API to develop the pen-configurator. At the moment we have another question: Is it possible to make a part (Outer shell of the pen) completely customizable (via Spline etc.) by our customers?
@nicolashitz @albn Within sketchfab there's no spline object which is customizable through the API. And if you want such a part to be actually manufacturable (sorry about the weird words) you'd need a solid set of constraints. You want to avoid users creating too thin, too thick or totally unbalanced pens. I know that Siemens NX is able to help with this and they also have some kind of server setup which allows you to generate 3D models on the fly.