Chrome extension to find email addresses in seconds

Zizozz lets you find email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter for your business.
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If you can download the chrome extension, and send me comment, what do you think we should add :)
Mike Dane
PR Manager
How is it different from other email finder such as norbert etc ? And what is the accuracy of the email addresses because in most of the cases email addresses are not correct ?
Mason BrownArt & Technology
Yap, tons of other options for email lookup. How do you differ?
@masonbr77944790 1. this is a bulk search on top of google , so its very easy to use. 2. I didn't saw any product that return a big list of email base on your search query , the solutions that I saw was email information from domain. In Zizozz you can find hundreds of email in a few seconds. If you can referrer me to solution like mine I will very thankful
Is it finding personal accounts or business accounts?
Every account that is public on the websites, But the answer is both personal and business accounts