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In the age of instant websites using squarespace, wix or whatever. There's an even more easy tool: Zitecraft. Claiming to do it under 60 secs. Zitecraft lets small businesses without building skills, interns or cash to hire a pro create a website from their Facebook page. Great for lazy SMB's that just want a website up and running for their business and get their MVP sandwiches or beers up and running. It's pretty nifty because it updates the website when you update your social page. The only thing I can think of is the design, basically the sites are made by non designers so they should not be able to customize it (personal belief haha). This way a site/zite always 'comes out stabilized and pretty'. Made in Amsterdam. Share your story and mission @barendjun !
@milann Thanks for posting Zitecraft here on Product Hunt Milan!
@milann Some time ago I noticed lot's of SMB websites are the same when you look at their content and structure. What also struck me was that a great portion of these sites were not up-to-date, they were more static, online brochures. Why not use social media content to make websites that update themselves? Zitecraft is a website builder that turns Facebook pages of local businesses into fully responsive websites that automatically show the latest content from Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp, Twitter, & TripAdvisor. Facebook events en photo albums get their own landing page and this can result into a website containing more than 200 pages! All this content combined with the fact that our websites are optimized for local search results in high ranking in Google! Our motto: "Life is too nice to post things twice!". Hope you Hunters will take a minute to make a zite to see how easy and fast it is!
@barendjun yeah let's test it and try to break it I think PH'ers are makers themselves, now they have a 'to send to site', for their aunties/uncles with a business in need for a website (don't burn your hands on family websites haha)
For those of you actually looking for a (new) website: we offer a 15% discount on the set-up costs to Product Hunters! No discount code, just drop us a message :-)
Please let us know what you think of the "make a webzite wizard" and the product itself, all feedback is welcome!
More than 150 people already made a webzite via Product Hunt, this is awesome! Have you done the 60 seconds test yet? We noticed some people try to make a zite based on their personal Facebook profile. Zitecraft can only process business pages, we are working on some error handling right now!
Actually 60s is for your slow fingered aunties and uncles, my record is 34s. Anyone wanna beat that :-) Maybe I have a slight advantage being the front-end developer of Zitecraft...
@asimovwasright Nice one Tim! Already 6 zites are created, too bad we don't have a timer integrated yet ;-)
@asimovwasright haha yeah exactly my point