Zoomable visual note taking and collaboration tool

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I'm fed up with all the paper thrown out after meetings when a flip-chart is used. More than 80% of those sheets end in the bin the same day. 40% of the rest follows in a week. Whiteboards are a bit better, still the markers, the indelible stains and that I have to make a photo and send it around is useless. I cannot edit later, the information gets degraded into a memo, and I'll never find it again. There are software options if you use the same brand of devices, but that's hardly the case even in one team. A browser based virtual whiteboard finally solves it. With picture import it gets even better. Try these 2 demos as well. http://demo.ziteboard.com/ - yup, webfonts - even for presentation http://riport.ziteboard.com/ - annotate data in real-time
Thanks for stumbling upon this @kwdinc Have you came across this at https://news.ycombinator.com/ite...