Everything you need to test your mobile apps.

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Hey guys - I say this with sincere intentions to help... the first thing I noticed when checking out your site is that your CSS breaks on your main page. I'm happy to send a screenshot if you'd like. Obviously this doesn't instill much confidence is a bug-testing platform so I wanted to let you guys know to fix asap. Specifically, look under the "Everything you need..." section. Text disappears and icons fall out of their containers and overlapping text beneath. I'm on Chrome... not sure screen width, but somewhere between full desktop and mobile.
@mjirout Hey Mike - Super thanks for letting us know. Looks like it's responsiveness problem. Fixing it asap. :)
@thedaydreamer9 - gladly! Good luck and nice work on the product!
Ziptest helps you test your mobile apps for functional and performance issues. Distribute apps to your team and testers and view screen recordings, crashes, cpu & memory data and coverage reports without writing any line of code.
@kwdinc Thanks for hunting us, Kevin :)
Hey Guys, Founder here. Please go ahead and try it. Will be happy to hear any feedback / suggestions.