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I built ZipLocate out of frustration with out-dated and limited geolocation APIs. Would love to hear feedback on the idea, or how you'll use it in your apps!
@nathancahill this is awesome, we also built our own database and API for geocoded zips for BRANDiD - http://www.producthunt.com/posts... I noticed your API doesn't handle the ZIP+4 format, here's the regex we use for normal 5-digit ZIPs and the ZIP+4 format: /^\d{5}(?:[-\s]\d{4})?$/ Here are some very decent FREE geocoded US zipcode databases: https://www.zipinfo.com/products... (apparently Aug 2014) http://www.boutell.com/zipcodes/ http://geocoder.ca/?freedata=1 http://cran.r-project.org/web/pa... And here is an unreliable alternative free zipcode distance calculator API (wouldn't recommend for production use, as sometimes has downtime) http://zipcodedistanceapi.redlin... We built our own zipcode API and distance calculator using Parse's awesome geoqueries. In fact you could definitely do the same and avoid the $5pcm hosting cost you currently have.
Thanks @arush. The biggest problem I've found with other free databases is that they use the geometric centroid of the zip code area. ZipLocate is weighted by population, so the center points are more accurate. I just added the Canadian data, and I'll be sure to add support for ZIP+4 soon!
@nathancahill thats pretty impressive, how are you getting geocoded population data?
@arush You can see the full how-to on Github (https://github.com/nathancahill/...) but it's from US census data.
this is great. needed it first maaaaaaaaaany years ago. :) but this is super useful! Thx dude
It's a useful service, its core concept. But I don't understand what pros it has in comparison with other apps, services. For instance, I use this map https://worldpostalcode.com/unit... where postal codes from all over the globe are collected. Why should I choose yours?