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Willie MorrisHunter@morewillie · Formerly Amazon, Boeing, and Faithbox
Traveling a good amount this year and find a lot of variance between user reviews on different platforms - yelp, foursquare, seamless, etc...hoping this is a nice solution :)
Jason Will @ ZipkickMaker@jasonbwill · CEO at Zipkick
@morewillie thanks for the support! Discovering a new place to eat, enjoy coffee or splurge on a craft cocktail is changing. People progressively are taking to social media for better transparency and authentic reviews. We thoroughly interview and approve influencers, who are industry experts that include: travel/food bloggers, chefs, mixologists and sommeliers. Zipkick is a one stop place to discover influencer recommendations so you spend less time searching and more time enjoying experiences.
Willie MorrisHunter@morewillie · Formerly Amazon, Boeing, and Faithbox
@jasonbwill Yelp reviews are like a black hole for me :D
Jason Will @ ZipkickMaker@jasonbwill · CEO at Zipkick
True statement @morewillie. People seem to feel the same way towards TripAdvisor as well.
Juan C. Acosta@thejcad · Investor
Congrats on the launch. What an awesome product.
Jason Will @ ZipkickMaker@jasonbwill · CEO at Zipkick
Thank you @thejcad! Travel is a very personal thing to so many people. However, the industry has never seen a product that fuses traditional social as we know it along with a community of travel bloggers, chefs and sommeliers. It's our mission to collaborate with the world's top industry experts in order to help people plan the best trips possible. Travel, food and wine are the necessities in life. Being able to experience those moments with great people is our motivation.
We appreciate the support @thejcad. Please feel free to suggest product feedback.
Jordan PRMaker@jprofficial · Zipkick Developer
I love this app! Its only going to get better and better I can tell. Zip till death!
Eddie@eglozman · Co-Founder, Wysp
I have been able to find great places in Minneapolis so far and enjoy the easy and visually appealing UI.
Jason Will @ ZipkickMaker@jasonbwill · CEO at Zipkick
Thank you for the kind words @eglozman. Please let us know if anything can be made better!
Zack Howitt@zushizack
looks good jason. last time we spoke zipkick had a different mission: as a hotel booking app. what made the team decide to pivot to the review space?
Jason Will @ ZipkickMaker@jasonbwill · CEO at Zipkick
Thanks for the comment @zushizack and kind words. There were two main reasons: customer feedback and their desire to explore beyond the confines of a hotel as well as our influencer community was looking for a better way to exchange with travelers through their social recommendations that are currently being drowned amongst the noise. At a high level, reviews have become a commodity that are exchanged for money and that obviously leads to a lack of transparency and businesses/customers suffer as a result. We pride ourselves on trust and transparency, which is built through the engagement with our experts.