On-demand prescription medication delivery

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Hey there Product Hunt! I’m Kyro, a medical student turned designer, and I’m on the team that built Zipdrug. The idea was born out of a shared frustration for having to visit the pharmacy to fill our prescriptions. When I’m feeling sick, the last thing I want to do after a doctor has sent in my prescriptions is to lug myself to a pharmacy when I just want to go home and sink into my bed. Even for non-acute medications, budgeting time to fill, or refill, prescriptions can be a huge hassle. In fact, people who don’t take their medications as prescribed cost the US healthcare system over $290 billion and 125,000 lives per year. This problem is called “medication nonadherence” and is one that we hope to put a dent in by offering a simple and convenient way to pick up and deliver your medications. We spent the course of a month building our MVP, and are iterating quickly. Any and all feedback is immensely appreciated, thanks! :)
@kyro how does this idea approach the hurdle of HIPAA violations, counterfeit medicine, theft, etc.?
@kyro I'm a student pharmacist right now as well as a developer. Have you actually looked into the many laws and regulations surrounding pharmacy and how they would hinder the functionality of your app? Also, filling and refilling medications are not really big contributors to medication nonadherence. A lot of nonadherence comes from patients not understanding how to take medications correctly, side effects, or the importance of taking their medication and this is where the role of pharmacist consultations come into play, but with your service your are bypassing pharmacist consultations and there is the possibility of this leading to even greater non compliance, or worse, medication errors from not understanding how to properly take medication.