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Hi Product Hunt! Founder here, and it's super exciting to show you guys what we've been working on! Huge thanks to everybody who's helped get us to this point. ZipBooks is what we think accounting should be. It aims to simplify bookkeeping dramatically and help small businesses solve what's often their biggest problem - getting cash in the bank when they need it. When a ZipBooks user sends an invoice, we can finance it right away, so money shows up in our users' bank account usually in less than 24 hours--even though their client may wait 30 days or longer to pay. We get paid back over time with low, transparent fees. Because we make money on invoice financing, we don't charge a subscription for using ZipBooks. No tiers, and no limits on any of our features. It's all just free. (And no ads, either!) Some of the other cool stuff we do: - Invoices and estimates - Connect bank, categorize expenses - Accept credit cards (Stripe, WePay) or PayPal - Track time - Recurring auto-billing - Automated late payment reminders Can't wait to hear what you guys think -- we hope you get as excited about it as we are! Happy to answer any questions.
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@timchaves Would love to integrate with ZipBooks. Very clean design. Love it.
@itsthisjustin Thanks Justin--and congrats on Paynote! And let's talk for sure - email is my name at :)
@timchaves Great. I'll shoot you an email right now.
@itsthisjustin @timchaves paynote looks awesome. Would love to learn more about it. Do you guys handle the 1099 shuffle too?
I like the Instant Payments feature (you can send someone an invoice and ZipBooks can finance it, so you can get paid right away, no waiting around). Smart…
I've been enjoying ZipBooks since about February. Very responsive team.
I've been using zipbooks since March and it's been great! Great team. Love it for quick invoicing.
Great team and overall great product.