Real-time visual feedback on live products.

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Hey Product Hunters! I’m one of the co-founders of zipBoard. We created zipBoard to bridge the gap between various stakeholders involved in the product development process. We wanted to create a better communication platform for product stakeholders during the development phase. It started off as an idea for a platform where Instructional Designers could share visual feedback on their eLearning courses with all the other stakeholders. We believed it would make the development process faster and more efficient. We soon realized that the functionality could be expanded to a much larger domain, and what started out as an eLearning review tool soon became a powerful collaboration and feedback tool for all web-based products. Now, you can use zipBoard to collectively review any website, web-app or an eLearning course with your team. You can also create tasks and assign them to your collaborators. Now that we have the product ready, we have our sights set on integrations. We’re planning to roll out a lot of important integrations for tools like Basecamp, JIRA, Slack, and more. We’d love to have your feedback and answer any questions you have. So fire away! b/w thanks Kevin, for hunting us on PH :) cheers, Bhavya
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zipBoard provides an intuitive work-flow to provide visual feedback. I've created a sample using zipBoard to tell my team to add a gif to our page on Product Hunt - check it out below: It's simple: just browse, capture, and comment!
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A lot of competition. What is the angle here?
Hi @bentossell, great question to start the day on Product Hunt - (a) zipBoard allows its users to provide visual feedback on live/working websites, rather than first uploading screenshots (like in InVisionApp, and, and (b) zipBoard also allows complete bug management of provided feedback (ie, each comment can be assigned to team members, and their progress can be traced within zipBoard itself). While InVisionApp is very useful for the design phase of the project, zipBoard is a visual feedback companion for the development phase of the website or web application.
I am a quality analyst, and I agree with @arunpattnaik's comment that zipBoard is useful for filing bugs. We were using Mantis till last week. Now, our team has switched over to zipBoard. Advantage of using zipBoard is that we need not to use SnagIt to take screenshots and/or add annotations. We can now do this within zipBoard, and we can assign tasks directly to our dev team.It works great for us...
I like the idea, not too sure about the pricing though. I don't like the fact that it puts a lot of workload (install 2 browser plugins, take screenshots, lot of options after making a simple annotation) on the reviewer. You might want to market it more as a bug-filing tool than a review/feedback tool. Also, you might want to lose the "zipBoard works with Google Chrome" on Chrome, it's confusing.
Excellent feedback @arunpattnaik, Thank You! Honest feedback calls for an honest response - so here is my take at it: (a) Pricing: we are in Beta, and our pricing is still under open discussion. We plan to collect feedback like your own, and finalize it before we get into production, (b) Work-Load: we are already working on bringing down the browser plugins to a single download. Also, the 'lots' of options that you see,are actually optional and applicable for task management: if a user un-checks the 'Add as Task' option, then these options do not show up, (c) lose 'zipBoard works with Google Chrome" on Chrome: toosh... that's a minor miss on our website, we will get this fixed up soon :)
@pranab_agarwal I gave it another shot and accidentally drew a rectangle. Took me 10 minutes to figure out how to undo/delete the rectangle (tip: clicking on the rectangle could give options to edit/delete). You might want to consider simplifying the reviewboard. :)