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Hey Product Hunt, I'm the lead developer who worked on this project. ZingTouch was created to bridge the gap for touch interaction between the web and mobile devices by exposing listener events for gestures in JavaScript. Other technologies and frameworks like Ionic.js and Cordova help developers create web apps on mobile devices, and this hopes to be a tool to make integration more seamless. While there are other gesture detection libraries, we tried to make this library as easy as possible to listen for gestures, but to have the capability to create new and unique gestures. This also gave us a chance to release an open source library written in ES6!
@michael_schultz I'm on my phone and haven't been able to dig into it yet (looks great) - any compatibility with React Native?
@nasherasher Thanks! ZingTouch is currently written for the browser as it relies on eventListeners, but we will look into react-native options in the future as an option.
Looks great! What about oldies support? 👴👵 Will it perform well 💃 on, let's say, iPhone 3? Btw, https://github.com/zingchart/zin... leads to the top of the page.
@sweetiebelka Sorry about that! I've added a section in the readme for browser compatibility: https://github.com/zingchart/zin.... I don't have a vm or access to an iPhone 3G, but I can confirm it works on an iPhone 4 on safari 7/iOS7! As long as the supporting browser has either the TouchEvent/PointerEvent interfaces, it should support it. (Or MouseEvent for single input desktops).
Let's add 3D touch to gestures too
Thanks for putting this together! I might use it for my responsive design phase. How many gestures already built in? Are you planing to add more capabilities ?
@theelooper No problem! The library has 6 main gestures: Tap, Rotate, Swipe, Pan, Pinch and Expand. The gestures themselves can be modified to make new gestures. As far as more capabilities, I am looking at improving the Gesture class to expose more internals to make it easier to create custom gestures.
@michael_schultz Sounds great! I'll be looking forward for the new updates and changes! Keep It up!
Any idea with which Webviews on iOS/Android this is compatible with? Given that at least in Android those update themselves after ~4.4 if i'm not mistaken. In which devices/webviews have you tested this?
@joantune ZingTouch works with webviews since they still contain the EventListener Interface. Compatibility will depend on the OS native browser's implementation of TouchEvent or PointerEvent Interface. I did confirm that it works with at least iOS7+, and Android OS that use chrome as the default browser (4.0+).