Turn your Instagram feed into a beautifully designed website

#3 Product of the DaySeptember 30, 2019
Turn your Instagram feed into a beautifully designed website. Stop worrying about keeping your website updated. Spend your time doing what you love.
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Seems nice but would be great to have a demo page where to see it in action! Not a big fan of just login everywhere without knowing ; )
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@mrdobelina Thanks Filippo thats a great idea, ill add it in
Hey Product Hunt! I built Zine because I wanted a quick way to turn an Instagram feed into a website that would update whenever I posted a new picture. I hope you find it useful! If you have any questions or feedback I'd love to hear it. Thank you!
@zineso Hi James! Zine looks interesting! How about an interview about it at StartupRadius? PM paul(AT)startupradius.com if interested.
Looks like a powerful tool for photographers and creators! Would love to see integrations for analytics & social pixels.
@lachlankirkwood Hi Lachlan, At the moment you can only integrate Google Analytics but if there is demand we can add more πŸ‘
Great tool! Please enable SSL for the site previews though! If for no other reason than it increases SEO. Certs are free, no reason not to make your site secure anymore!
Here's a demo to anyone that wanted to see one without logging in: http://matttaylor8910.zine.press/
@matt_taylor4 Hey Matt, Thanks for your feedback and for sharing the preview. Much appreciated!
My SEO guy told me that the website has a 10 DA and 24% spam score
@karan_shah89 Hi Karan, Thanks for this feedback. Are you able to share the results page with me for this test?
@zineso It was checked on moz, you can check for yourself on their tool. See the screenshot here: https://imgur.com/a/LnHExN9
@karan_shah89 Thanks Karan, this is really helpful.