Get referred and earn sign up rewards

Zimmy is a super simple marketplace that allows anyone to upload their referral links. Referral links will be chosen randomly when a user clicks the 'Claim this offer' button, so everyone has a chance of making a referral.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Hey all! I made a small side-project to distract myself from my main project (https://www.growmystartup.io). Sometimes I feel like I'm entering a bit of a creative rut, so I like to build something quickly in order to get myself out of it. I built Zimmy to scratch an itch as I was speaking to a friendly recently, and realised that I could have earned £50 for being referred to my current energy supplier just 15 days after becoming their customer. No plans on monetisation but I will keep the site online so that potential users can find good referral deals/make referrals. Thanks all :)
Great way to scale rewards through crowdsourcing, looking forward to using the platform!
I saw a forum like this a long time ago. Glad to see something modern like this.
Btw, are you guys planning to have a database of members so I can see analytics of my link submissions?
What happened to the site?