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Wow, this is the 3rd product launch in the past month for you, @davidbyttow (following IO and Bold). Sleeping much? 😁
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Hello friends! ⚑️ Today (tonight? this morning? 😴) I am launching the beta version of a project I've been working on called Zimage. https://zimage.io This came about because I needed an extremely fast image proxying service that could serve images from anywhere on the web – and Zimage was born. This is similar to other solutions like Imgix, Cloudinary, Resizely, Rsz.io, etc except that it's free to use and easy to get started, provides free and automatic edge caching, and is as fast (if not faster) than the paid solutions. I've decided to launch the free version to the public in order to help discover bugs/issues that people may encounter before opening up the paid version to the public. This service is perfect for anyone that is serving images in their app or web site either from their own service or from external sources (Twitter, other websites, etc). Feel free to check out the documentation and start using it today for free: http://docs.zimage.io/ More things to come (such as automatic "blur up" effect that you see on producthunt) and much more. πŸš€ Thanks!
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@davidbyttow Nice work. One question, when do you sleep?
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@davidbyttow Few confusion I have: Is this image hosting + tooling? By free you mean unlimited storage? Or there is some kind of restrictions except rate limiting? What kind of rate limiting is there?
@evivz hi Vivek. It is not image hosting -- it is image caching. Essentially, you tell it to load a remote image and any transformations to apply and it gives you the transformed/cached image as quickly as possible at your nearest CDN edge.
Your claim 'fastest', any benchmark to share again other similar solutions ?
@_pascalandy absolutely will have benchmarks before opening up paid version!
@davidbyttow I like the focus on speed and ease of use, nice work!
Seems like an e-commerce site, maybe something on shopify would be a great example or test use case to illustrate the point. By default, locked into their image service, by running everything through your setup, total image load decrease from x to y, decrease in load time mobile vs desktop is a to b, etc.
@jcwinter Yep, agreed! This is mandatory when I open up the pro version. For now mostly looking for folks to kick the tires without lock-in.