Turn your images into interactive discussion tool.

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Hello, Product Hunters! We’re really excited to present Ziltag, a tool that turns every image on a website into discussion board, where you can tag and comment on images to highlight good things. We have created a Ziltag demo platform for you to experience Ziltag on any website. Just visit ziltag.com and click Preview on your website then enter an URL. Here we have created some special demos for all hunters to get started! https://ziltag.com/preview/875f68 https://ziltag.com/preview/5f3d27 Welcome to share your demo URLs here and have fun! Would love to learn your feedback about our product!
@chang2301 Just played around with it for a while and I'm amazed. Discuss directly on photo is great and the idea of demo is even better! Nice work so far, will install and play with it. By the way, my link’s here: https://ziltag.com/preview/d5935b Make sure to scroll to the end or you’ll misunderstand the story 😂
@sofistixy Thanks Samantha, glad you like it! And yes, I was fooled by the first photo! Please let me know if you have any feedback!
@chang2301 Will do. Keep up the good work.
@chang2301 This is pretty cool. Is it possible to integrate with Facebook Comments in any way?
@flowsion @chang2301 Thanks for feedback! Unfortunately, We don't have any feature like that. While we do have our discussion board, it's just not FB comments board.
Hey there. This looks great and I'm wondering will you consider releasing an app which users can snap and write on multiple stuffs on photo?
@sofisteee Hi Sophie, thanks for your suggestion! Actually our team had extensive discussions over this topic about whether we should follow the trend and make an app of Ziltag. And we decide not to build one at this moment. We will focus on building the best visual discussion tool for every website. Although not making an app, we didn’t give up on mobile readers. Ziltag is responsive on mobile devices to offer the seamless browsing experience. (Adding discussion on mobile is under development)
@chang2301 That is an unconventional strategy for photo relating services since the behavior of photo-taking is moving heavily toward mobile devices. And startups are making brilliant photo apps like Prisma.
@sofisteee Totally agree with you and I love Prisma, too 😀. I personally take photo from my phone more often than my DSLR, and I am comfortable with this shift in behavior. As I have mentioned, the goal of Ziltag is not building another photo based platform like Instagram, but bringing visual discussion experience to every website.
@chang2301 love this idea. tried typing in my website and it keeps saying 'please enter a URL'. It might be because it the url ends in .tech and isn't a typical .com address. You had any issues with this?
@thisdickie @chang2301 Hi, I'm Weihang from Ziltag. Since a domain name is not a valid URL, protocol scheme (http/https) can not be omitted. Try http://www.nocode.tech/ instead. :)
Great idea! And the demo works on NYT. https://ziltag.com/preview/f40bfb Although it’s not really posting the discussion on the real NYT site 😄, it gives me the idea how to use it on the blog and future projects. Question: can I prevent visitors from adding new tag on my photo? It’s the matter of spam.
@edstonesherman Hi Edward, thanks a lot for consider us in your future project! And yes you can disable the visitor tagging settings in your account settings, so that only the site owner can add tags on images.
@chang2301 Thanks! Will try it out! The demo is not working on Medium?
@edstonesherman Unfortunately, Ziltag demo can’t work on Medium. Sorry about that!
@pauliebeck Awesome! You can use it on gif too. Here’s one example: https://ziltag.com/preview/b856c8 Reminder: Ziltag Demo will never show up in the actual imgur or giphy page so you can only share the url to your friends to play with it or screenshot it to share.