An API for analyzing the world's information

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Timely hunt w/ @lpolovets's blog post from this morning: Analyzing Product Hunt Data
This app is so under-rated. I encourage you all to try it out.
Thanks for the post @dshan . I would love to hear what you guys think of our product and how you would use it. @datarade Tell me more about your experience!
I'd like to use it to scrape up all websites related to haircare and analyze large swaths of haircare related products. @jacobquist I'd like to scrape electronics sales product pages to see what type of inventories they carry as well. For example, sites like http://sparkfun.com show inventory numbers. If I could make an app to show how the inventory levels of FPGA's and Arduinos vary over time, that would be really cool. On a side note, I'm not a developer.
Ah okay. Do you have any experience with web scraping? We have a simple Ruby syntax so it may not be a huge barrier. I see you are a growth hacker so do you have any technical skills in those areas?