Ziiiiro Watches

Designed to make time for fun. Futuristic, minimalist, bold.

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Ooooooo I LIKE theseeee! I have a very minimalist watch (MVMT) and much prefer them in that sort of style. Just worried this may get some time (😏) getting used to
I like the design. This is a mechanical watch face and not an lcd, right? I could not find an info about quality of the glass, battery, warranty or if it's water resistant etc. - an information I usually expect get when reading about the watch.
@darekdoesstuff The catalogue has a lot more info. There is a link to it from the product detail page. You're right that these are mechanical watches.
@dereksilva Thx. My bad. I see the info now. Additional Information button has all I need.
Tells the time, only,.. in a designy way.
I own 3 Ziiiro already and just ordered my fourth. These watches are incredible good looking, people around you love them at first sight. Definitively modern, definitively for young minded people
nice looking watch!