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Hey all! We at @ZIIBRA are giving away a limited edition Kyler Martz print (see below) to the first 10 people to follow an artist on ZIIBRA ;) Omri
This reminds me of Patreon in that it enables artists to generate a direct connection to fans and alternative sources of revenue. Now if only @snoopdogg was on there. πŸ˜ƒ cc @nickyads
@snoopdogg @nickyads @rrhoover hey Ryan! Yep artists can sell their products & subscriptions (as an alternative/ supplemental source of revenue). The Show Ponies are an awesome example - http://ziibra.com/the-show-ponies/
Kudos for a beautifully designed site and cool product! Curious to hear: what was your guys' thesis behind building ZIIBRA? For artists, why sell on Ziibra, and for purchasers, why shop on ZIIBRA?
@wtwht thanks! At ZIIBRA we're about knowing the people who make the products & experiences we love - we believe in a "Studio to Home" movement growing (similar to Farm to Table). With that in mind we wanted to build a marketplace that for buyers introduces you to artists & makers - who they are, what is their craft & why they are unique (each one has a video depicting this). We believe having a relationship with maker turns your experience from that of a transaction to a relationship. For artists & makers we wanted to make sure that: 1) ZIIBRA is the cheapest solution to sell (we're making it free to sell) - more info on http://ziibra.com/sell 2) Its the best representation (visually) of you & your work 3) you have kicks dashboard to run your shop ops - each seller gets a fulfillment system, CRM tool, messaging & analytics at no extra charge :)
@omri_mor I definitely think you're focused on a key aspect of the future of creative products. Not only removing the barrier between buyer and seller, but enriching the relationship is a fundamental component of the transition that's happening in the fine art world. Great job, and personally- thanks for being a company that's pushing the arts forward :)
@thomasle0n thanks sir - you're right there with ArtSquare. Can't wait to take this experience to mobile ;)
Always been a big fan of Ziibra. Artists helping Artists. Does Ziibra have plans for creating an API so I can place my Ziibra profile on my personal site?
what's fascinating is that it's not just artists - all sorts of makers can sell directly to an audience. cc @valenti @aten @delk