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Hand-made wallpapers for your smartphone and computer!

Zheano Blog is the best way to find simple and quality wallpapers! New content is added on a weekly base! Posts also get updated with new wallpapers during the week with more colour variants.

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Vladislav SmolyanskyyFounder & CEO @ Pinblock
Could you please explain how these are "hand-made"? You're essentially making that claim the core value of your designs which deeply perplexes me since aren't all designs had to be produced by some human and therefore all be considered "hand-made"?
Been a follower on G+, glad to see it on ProductHunt too. Great going Zan!
Zan Cerne
Designer, Android guy
@rahulistic Thank you!
Tim Bremerthis and that

I've used Zheano Blog for a few months now. There's always new content, the wallpapers look amazing and are unique. One of the best resources for high quality wallpapers!


Super easy way to find great looking, hand-made wallpapers