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by Ryan Hoover (Founder, Product Hunt)

I saw this YC-backed (W17) startup pitch at Alumni Day this past weekend. This service seems ideal for smaller startups that don't have a dedicated office manager/HR person that would normally prioritize team outings. Planning and organizing these trips can take a lot of work, especially for distributed teams.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! We've found that the problem also gets harder as the teams/companies get bigger. Even if they have a dedicated person to handle them, it's hard for that person to: 1) Figure out what the team wants to do 2) Collect RSVPs 3) Work with the vendor on details, payments, etc. Our software automates the whole process! So not only are we a great tool for smaller companies without an office manager/HR, but an even better tool for larger companies (and teams) that do have one! Thanks again for the comment!
@matvogels @rrhoover Do you also book company-wide getaways, or just team activities? #curious
@nassaraf @rrhoover We are working on a better way to handle company-wide getaways right now! Making it easy to find the perfect location and book amazing activities around it. I'd love to connect to learn more about the pain points in this process for you. Feel free to shoot me an email at mat @ zestful . com
Thanks for hunting us Kevin! We are happy to be here. We are automating the team activity process, so that companies and teams can do fun things every month or quarter. We've found that the vast majority of companies want to do team activities each month/quarter, but the majority of the time they end up not happening because planning events is a major headache (although going to them is great!). Zestful automates the process by making it really easy to: - Have team members vote on the activities they want to do. - Collect RSVPs through email and/or Slack. - Manage event details like food, transportation and more. - Coordinate times/dates with your team and the activity provider. - Collect feedback from your team. You can take a look at our website, or ask us any questions you have here throughout the day!
We used Zestful to book team trampolining during our staff retreat. It was so much fun, and incredibly easy. Would definitely recommend you all check it out.
Are you guys thinking that there will be a feedback feature here or ways to recommend activities? Similarly, will you be able to give employees points or some shoutout for participating in community volunteer or social impact-type events?
@esbrigham Yes! It works like this: - At sign up Zestful asks your team what types of activities they like (indoor, adventure, arts and crafts, etc). - At the start of the month we send your team 6 activities we think they'll like for them to vote on. - The most popular activity is booked! - After the event, we collect feedback from the event and pass that along to the admin/manager (As well as use that data to pick the best activities going forward).
@matvogels and on the gamification or rewards for participating in social impact activities...is that something you're thinking about to drive better engagement and align to the mission of these companies?
@esbrigham YES! We are working with some of the most popular social groups/charities in SF and getting them on the platform. Charitable activities are some of our most requested events.