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by Ryan Hoover (Founder, Product Hunt)

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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I saw this YC-backed (W17) startup pitch at Alumni Day this past weekend. This service seems ideal for smaller startups that don't have a dedicated office manager/HR person that would normally prioritize team outings. Planning and organizing these trips can take a lot of work, especially for distributed teams.
Mat Vogels
@matvogels · Designer
Thanks for hunting us Kevin! We are happy to be here. We are automating the team activity process, so that companies and teams can do fun things every month or quarter. We've found that the vast majority of companies want to do team activities each month/quarter, but the majority of the time they end up not happening because planning events is a major head… See more
Elizabeth Brigham
@esbrigham · Director, marketing and communications
Are you guys thinking that there will be a feedback feature here or ways to recommend activities? Similarly, will you be able to give employees points or some shoutout for participating in community volunteer or social impact-type events?
Tara Mac Aulay
@tara_macaulay · COO at Centre for Effective Altruism
We used Zestful to book team trampolining during our staff retreat. It was so much fun, and incredibly easy. Would definitely recommend you all check it out.