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Sparkling caffeinated tea. Kicks like coffee w/o the crash.

Zest's sparkling beverages are a line of natural energy teas that have as much caffeine as a strong cup of coffee (3x regular teas) and contain L-Theanine, an amino acid that's been shown to enhance alertness while reducing jitters and crash. The result is a more steady and focused alertness that lasts for hours.

Only 25 cals + 5 g sugar per can.

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Good morning hunters! My name is James Fayal and I’m the founder of Zest Tea. Thanks @chrismessina for hunting us! After a years worth of work in the lab and countless iterations of both flavors and design, I’m amped to be showcasing our new line of sparkling energy teas to the PH community. The Zest team has worked their tails off building a product that tastes amazing and is beautiful in both design and function. All of the blends have as much caffeine as a strong cup of coffee, but also contain ~100 mg of L-Theanine, an amino acid shown to have a synergistic relationship with caffeine and produce a more steady alertness that lasts for hours. Best of all, we’ve crafted these amazing products with only 25 - 35 calories and 5 grams of sugar per can. The idea for Zest came up while I was working as a VC analyst. I was an avid tea drinker, but also working extremely long hours. Tea would help me get through the first 6 or 8 hours of the day, but then I’d realize I needed something with a little more kick and switch over to whatever awful coffee or heavily sweetened energy drink was readily available in the office. Rather than continuing to compromise I developed a healthy tea-based energy product. The first version was a line of bagged teas (named Best New Product at the World Tea Expo) that came out in 2014 after a small crowdfunding campaign ($9,955 raised). Since then we have grown to selling over a million dollars of product online and scaled from 0 to 700+ retail stores this year alone (with thousands in the pipeline for next year). This is our first new product since our launch, so we’re excited about the next chapter of the Zest Tea saga and we’re glad to have the PH community along for the ride! We’d love feedback on the product, design, website, or anything else. Feel free to comment here or email me directly at James@zesttea.com. P.S. on top of the pre-sale discount we have a PH special for an additional 10% off with code: PRODUCTHUNT
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I'm a big fan of the first product, and pleasantly surprised/excited by this new product line. The 25 calories / 5 g sugar per can is great - I'm not a fan of sugary drinks. Just bought a pack and excited to try it! Question: Is L-Theanine something that was not in the original product? If so, how did you decide / figure out that it was right for these sparkling teas?
@mwil20 thanks man! L-Theanine is naturally in all of our teas. In the bottled form we amped it up a bit, so it has a pronounced effect, which I'm sure you'll notice when you try it! The combo of Caffeine and L-Theanine is well studied and heavily used in the nootropics world because the 'focusing' effect is very pronounced (unlike some other things in nootropics). All we're really doing is 'optimizing' the levels of L-Theanine above and beyond the natural levels in the teas.
Long-time drinker and big fan of your loose leaf lines, so can't wait to try the RTD version. Quick question for you guys—what informed the decision to make the drink sparkling rather than still? Anyway, can't wait to try it.
@mossadamamerica a lot of what we do revolves around making the tea category a little more exciting. Sparkling beverages have been hot in grocery lately, but we haven't seen much on that front in tea. Plus we think it adds a really nice refreshing edge to the beverage that takes it over the top! Thanks for asking : )

Blue lady is freakin delicious


Serious buzz and very high quality



Perfect drink for sleep deprived tea lovers. Highly recommended!


Super caffeinated! You only need one cup to get you going.


Hard to find locally to buy

Hey Bethany, online is still our number one sales channel (and the only channel to buy the new bottled teas for now), but our bagged teas have growing distribution. If you don't mind me asking, where do you live?