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Thank you, @benln, for the hunt :-) ---- I must open with one, super transparent sentence: I never thought a product that didn't meet even our baseline expectations in its alpha version would kill it in beta; used by 2.5k marketers, growing at double digit percentages on a weekly basis, and eventually hunted in these holy hallows. A big thanks must go to our community of advocates and the entrepreneurship gods. ---- Hey Product Hunt people, my name is Yam Regev, CMO & co-founder of Zest. Zest is a new-tab Chrome extension where marketers can share and discover stellar marketing content. All the content on Zest’s feed is suggested by marketers, and manually moderated by marketers. You heard right, manually? Why? Just think about the time you waste on any given day sorting through tons of irrelevant, uninsightful content - through clickbait titles, regurgitated articles, and as we all know too well, fake news. Content distribution is equally compromised with easily manipulable aggregators and majority-rule forums. Bottom line? A lot of 💩 content is receiving undue exposure and this is just sucks for us marketers looking to gain real knowledge. By installing Zest’s new-tab Chrome extension, you have access to fresh, insightful content, carefully curated by established marketing experts. Feel free to ask me anything. - Yam
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@yam_regev @benln I've been using Zest for 4 weeks now, it changed my content consumption habits. I used to dive into my inbox reading Newsletters/RSS etc - a lot of wasted time... That's over now, it should get a mention in Time magazine, srsly :) I really want to give you kudos for a job well done, you have something amazing here!
@haimpekel @benln Thank you SO MUCH. I just read it out loud to my co founders and we all got excited. Thanks again.
@yam_regev just curious, what do you think is driving the double digit percentage weekly growth? Is it mainly word of mouth?
Well done @yam_regev! Can you share a little bit about the process of weeding out the shitty content? I know you say its curated by marketing "experts" but some of those experts are themselves guilty of producing garbage content. What makes content desirable for Zest?
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@ryabrams So so true. The way it works is that marketers are suggesting content on Zest and then it's pending review. Eventually, all suggested content is being reviewed by me, and as the moderator of the whole thing I make sure that content hold the following parameters: 1. Actionable & full of takeaways 2. Insightful 3. In-depth 4. Fresh 5. Not too branded 6. Free Also, listicles &, newsjacking and news items get less chances for being published. Hope it answers your crucial question
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@yam_regev Well said! Soon you'll have to build an AI version of your brain to do it automatically 😉 AI Regev!
@yam_regev Sounds like the process should be really automated, especially given the growth speed (and more content submissions) :) What are your plans for that?
@aleks_muse Good point! Our goal is to scale quality, not quantity and I will explain- I'm not planning to publish 10k posts on Zest each day. We will keep the current figure of ~100 articles a day as is but the more content submissions we have, the more options I will have to choose from my ~100 selected ones. I also don't think that there are more than 100 stellar marketing related pieces of content that are being published on a daily basis. Hope it make sense.. :-)
@yam_regev definitely, thanks for the answer!
This would be really cool with startup-content (vs marketing), for me! Nice job, product looks slick
@bentossell We plan on expanding to other verticals once we finish with the marketing vertical's PoC. Never thought on the startup-content vertical but it's definitely feel like a low hanging fruit.
Absolutely love this! so simple and easy. I've been using @zestisapp daily since the very beginning, and it's perfect! My favorite product on Product Hunt so far.
@yanivgoldenberg @zestisapp Wowzer! Thanks man for all your support and super kind words <3
Wow! Congrats for the hunt! I've been honored to join the beta, and since then Zest has been doing lots of good, allowing the most updated and relevant content to find me, instead of looking for it over the web. Zest gives me the pleasure of staying up-to-date, killing my growing FOMO with much less time spent. Go on and kick ass.
@talflorentinux What a great feedback to hear :-)