Zest Energy Tea

Teas designed to take down coffee

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Having experimented extensively with both Zest and espresso for my caffeine intake, I offer you this analogy: The coffee comedown vs. The Zest comedown
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@brosephmorrison I would be making a far more terrifying face if I was actually in that car. But I would totally play it off like I meant to do that.
Hey hunters, I'm the maker of Zest. We've been working away at the product for about a year, so I'm amped that it's finally being introduced to the PH community! We enhance the teas with a natural tea extract during our blending process to add a little more kick. Specifically, it helps boost the caffeine levels to be on par with coffee, or about 3x that of traditional teas. From there the natural amino acids (L-Theanine to be exact) in the tea come into play and help moderate the energy boost. The result is a more prolonged and steady alertness. Some extra info: We won top new product at this years World Tea Expo and we sell mostly direct-to-consumer (e.i. online), but also to corporate clients, including some major tech and banking firms to stock for their employees. I'm here to answer, so ask away : D
We just created a discount code for the community : ) Use code PRODUCTHUNT for 10% off any purchase today!
@jmfayal you should get in touch with the guys @teachatea, happy to make you an intro
@rocketclubco Hit me up at James@getzesttea.com (Applies to just about anyone in here minus pr, seo, web design companies. They can leave me alone.)
This seems like just the thing I've been looking for!
@suparchie Thanks Archie, I hope you enjoy!
Some days, I want the caffeine levels of coffee, but a different flavor. I really don’t like the taste of energy drinks. That's where Zest can be really nice for me. Some people I know have used Zest to replace coffee. People put a lot of thought into their morning routines. I'd be curious to hear from people who may have switched over from coffee and what it was like before and after.
@eawharton Thanks for bringing Zest to the PH community! This is one of our two main use cases. There are the tea drinkers looking for more pop and the coffee drinkers looking for a healthy alternative. Right now our customer base is about a 50/50 split between the two. Obviously I think it's a great switch, but I'll leave it up to the community to get you some unbiased answers : )
I think coffee is gross (must be drowned in milk and sugar), but I used to drink it every day at work. Luckily I found Zest and now I start every workday with the refreshing ritual of steeping and drinking delicious tea. Keep it coming: I want more flavors!!!
@judestanion Thanks Jude! We're working on some new flavors, including a Chai. Any other suggestions from the community?