High fidelity marketing content stream, co-distilled by a tribe of marketers.

Zest makes sure you’re only receiving high-quality marketing content and

kills the information overload that’s wasting your time

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Yo, fellow hunters :) We’re melted just from the idea that Zest is being hunted again. WOW! JUST WOW!! **Short and interesting** Zest is a high-fidelity marketing content stream, co-distilled by a tribe of marketers. Our mission is to make sure you receive only top quality marketing content and kill the information overload that’s wasting your time. Since Zest launched here last year, 17k WAU have joined us on Zest’s Chrome new tab extension. It felt natural for our next step to be making distilled professional knowledge accessible to everyone and on all devices and browsers. So now we are launching Zest’s Content Stream via web and mobile friendly sites. WOO HOO! **Longer and more interesting** We’ve really had enough of information overload, so we eventually began plotting ways to kill it. After investigating the issue a bit deeper, we realized information overload is here to stay. Bummer. We also realized that information overload wasn’t the real problem. The REAL problem was finding the way to filter and distill all that excess information into valuable knowledge. Let me ask you: How do you discover and consume the most valuable content for you? --- Maybe you save content on “read later” apps? Have you ever read everything in your read later collection? If not, you aren’t saving that relevant and actionable content for later but putting it in the content graveyard. --- Do you follow industry leaders on LinkedIn? Or maybe you like relevant pages on Facebook and create lists on Twitter? The algorithms of these centralized platforms are designed to grab your attention not discern the quality of the content. They give you the content they think you WANT-- not the content you NEED. --- Do you subscribe to a ton of blogs to keep on top of what is happening in marketing? Ask yourself: have you truly felt an improvement as a professional with these blogs flooding your inbox with articles every day? --- What about searching on Google? This is the classic needle in a haystack situation, right? Besides, in most cases, the articles you find are the ones from sites with the best SEO support. So, murderous thoughts aside, how did we solve the dual problem of information overload and lack of knowledge distillation? Zest combines the power of humans and technology to concentrate the best knowledge for our users. We created a multi-level, human-based content moderation process. Zest’s entire structure is comprised of volunteer-experts who distill the content that other members have suggested. Then, the machines take over over: Once distilled, the Zest engine tags each piece. New selections from the Zest tribe are continually being added and sorted by topic, creating a refreshing) continuous learning experience for our end users. +++++++++++ Thoughts and feelings are more than welcome <3 Yam Regev Co-Founder & CEO Zest.is
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@yam_regev Would be great to see a TLDR version of your comment for the time poor.
@abadesi I added a **Short and interesting** section at the top. Saw it?
@yam_regev @abadesi time poor 😂. I am stealing that.
@yam_regev I love Zest and have made it my chrome tab but I don't get to check out all the articles as much as I should. The content is always amazing. If I could aggregate it where I can read it in a digest format or some other way, I'd love that too.
@bambi_weavil Great feedback. You mean to save things for later and then consume them on the right time for you (for instance)? Or do you mean that we will choose the best X articles for you on a daily basis? Or both... ? =)

Since I was directed to Zest by a friend, I've never looked back. I'd say it is one of the best SaaS offerings since sliced bread — Not only because of the product itself (which has created a 'content movement' very rapidly), but also the very-human force behind it, and their ultra-vibrant brand.

*Everything* stands out about Zest and *nothing* falls short.

I give the product 10/10. Yam (co-founder) and the team? Beyond any score scale, on both a professional and personal level!!!


+ *ZERO* time wasted on clickbait headlines (followed by material that drastically falls short)

+ A valuable content distribution channel


- There is *SO MUCH* amazing content, you might end up becoming addicted to Zest (seriously)

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Couldn’t wish or think on a better feedback than that. Moreover, couldn’t wish or think on a better colleague, person and professional to call him my friend. Sam, you are one of a kind.
Sam, thanks so much for your unending support. You've really made working at Zest to be even more amazing just by collaborating with you.
So agree bud. Super addictive and love their filters and ability to sort. I use it daily as does my team to find great content.

I have been using the Zest "New Tab" Chrome extension for about a month and at least once a day I check my feed for relevant articles. I find that I often discover content that is worth sharing with my team. It will become an even more integral part of my daily routine now that I can access on mobile.


Content that adds value as opposed to fluff


Keeping up with the articles, want to be able to save to read for later

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Noted, David. That's a really good and constructive feedback. Also happy to know it became part of your daily workflow. By itself, it means we on to something.
Hi David! Did you know that we have a "save to Zest profile" feature? It's beneath each article. Let me know if you can't find it and I'll tweet a screenshot. 😊
Great job @yam_regev Love Zest, it has quickly become my n. 1 source for marketing news + a great advertising channel!
@massimocw I wish I could tag my mom on this comment, Massimo.
@massimocw We love that you're an active member of our community. 💛
I probably said it before but I’ll say it again . . . I use it constantly! @yam_regev, @idan_yalovich Thanks so much for all your hard work 🍋🤟
@idan_yalovich @yanivgoldenberg Thanks for being part of our yellow journey. Much love!