Receive video messages & screen recordings from your website

Zessage allows your visitors & customers to record their screen and send you a video message while on your website.
• Get Feedback
• See errors on your site
• Receive video product reviews
Go to https://zessage.com/widget to setup your website now.
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Damon Pace
Builder - 🏴‍☠️
Video has become the best way to stay connected in 2020. Zessage is creating new tools to help everyone connect via video...right in the browser. Today, I'm launching the website widget so businesses can receive video messages & screen recordings directly from their website & connect with their visitors in an honest & authentic way. There are so many use cases for website video messages: · Getting product feedback. · Receiving & sharing sincere product reviews. · Getting to know your customers. · Creative self expression about your products & brand. · Much more... Zessage also has a chrome extension that allows you & your friends to send video messages to each other directly from your browser. Not just screen recordings for work, but for staying connected with the people important in your life. Zessage is a new way to stay connected during this difficult time. With your customers, co-workers, website visitors, friends, family & so much more. Go to: https://zessage.com/widget to get the code and add your website to receive messages from your visitors.