Zeroqode Courses

Learn how to build web and mobile apps without code

Zeroqode Courses is a place where anyone can find curated resources for learning how to build web & mobile apps without code. If you always wanted to build a startup but didn't have any technical background or tech co-founder Zeroqode Courses present you a great opportunity to learn how to build your startup with no-code

Happy Wednesday Product Hunters, We are excited to continue with the series of no-code product launches. This time, we are launching Zeroqode Courses - the place where you can learn how to build web and mobile apps without code even if you don't have any technical background. These learning resources are designed to teach and guide you through the building process, while sharing insight and hacks for building a fully functional and beautifully designed products. Right now, the first batch of curated resources is live at Zeroqode Courses and we will be rolling out more in the coming weeks. We are always looking forward to your comments and feedback and we'll be here all day to address them. Until next time, Levon from Zeroqode
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Great job !! 😊 will try it
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I’ll going to be negative and say that the strapline for this company should actually be “learn how to build web and mobile apps that have already been built by someone else, without code”. The bottom line is that if you want to do something bespoke and / or original.... you need to code it yourself or get a developer(s).
@mickc79 thanks for your feedback, but i can't agree with your argument. Products already built are used just as case studies to train the no-code skill. It doesn't mean that one can't built anything original.. check out our portfolio at and you'll see that we've built a handful of original apps for our clients without using a single line of code.